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Zestaw 6x Bag Drip - Clicker M57

55,20 zł
55,20 zł

Bag Drip - Clicker M57

Your favorite coffee brewed anywhere and without all the expensive equipment you left at home?

Regardless of whether you work in the office, wander through wild paths, or spend the day on the shooting range, with our Bag Drip you will be able to explode the flavor of aromatic Arabica in a quick and convenient way. An explosion limited only by your cup.

The innovative mini drip form retains all the advantages of this popular alternative brewing method, while limiting the required equipment to your favorite mug.

Check it out and discover coffee again. Because good coffee is better if you drink it where you live!

Live your own life, check out our BagDrip Coffee, post a photo on Instagram that will show you where coffee tastes better. Tag @bulletbrothers_pl and use #pijekaweb ulletbor #bagdripcoffee and #bagoutcoffee

Show the world your coffee!

Specialty Coffee 100% Robusta

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