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Tactical Trio

143,75 zł
143,75 zł

Tactical Trio COFFEE SET - 3x 250g

We invite you to discover our unique trio of coffees, combined into one unforgettable taste experience:

JTAC - 100% Arabica Ethiopia: Discover the intensity and sophistication of coffee from Ethiopia. These ground Arabica beans provide subtle fruity notes, creating a coffee with a unique character.

EOD - 100% Arabica Colombia: Travel through the mountainous plantations of Colombia with our Arabica. This coffee is distinguished by its delicacy and full aroma, emanating notes of fruit and subtle acids.

.50BMG - 50% | 50% - Arabica | Robusta: Push the limits with 50BMG, a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta. This blend offers an extraordinary taste experience, combining rich flavors with intensity.

Start your coffee journey with our coffee three-pack, where each bean tells its own story, creating a harmonious mixture of flavors and aromas. Discover the variety of coffee experiences that we have prepared especially for you.

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