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51,75 zł

SAINT JAVELIN - Solidarity for Ukraine

We are proud to introduce our unique Solidarity for Ukraine coffee, named Saint Javelin. It's not just coffee, it's an act of solidarity and support for those who bravely defend their freedom in the face of the Russian Invasion. All proceeds from the sale of this coffee will be donated to help Ukraine, supporting them in difficult times.

Saint Javelin is an extraordinary blend of Robusta, coming from the highest quality coffee plantations in the world. Each sip of this coffee is not only a taste journey, but also a gesture of support for those who need our help. Each package is like a symbolic sign of solidarity, bringing not only excellent taste, but also hope for a better tomorrow.

Join us on this coffee mission of solidarity. Slava Ukrainian! Together we can make a difference, sip by sip, coffee by coffee.

100% Robusta

100% income from production and development at the bottom of the website оги в боротьбі з російськими окупантами.

Слава Україні!

ГероЏм Слава!

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