LYOFOOD - freeze-dried dish - Farfalle pasta with spinach and cheese 370g

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26,44 zł


Recipe straight from Italy, pasta in a creamy sauce with Gorgonzola cheese and spinach, with almond flakes. A perfectly balanced, delicious, vegetarian meal that will give you energy and your taste buds will go crazy!

LYOFOOD meals are cooked before freeze-drying.

Our products are 100% natural ingredients: no artificial additives, no added sugar, no preservatives!

We put a lot of heart into the entire production process so that you can enjoy what nature has to offer!
LYOFOOD meals are produced exclusively in Poland.
Shelf life: 5 years from the production date.
Store in a tightly closed container.


1. Open using the notch above string 2. Remove the oxygen absorber 3. Add hot boiled water - you will find the amount of water on the product label and the appropriate guide line inside the package. 4. Stir thoroughly 5. Close and wait 9 minutes 6. Open using the notch under the string and mix again. Enjoy your meal!


Ingredients of the ready-to-eat product: pasta ( wheat semolina ) 44%, spinach 27%, onion, cream , Gorgonzola cheese 5 %, almonds 2% , salt, garlic, butter .

Nutritional values Per 100g Per serving 94g (370g after hydration) Per serving 126g (500g after hydration)
Energy value 1822 kJ / 434 kcal 1713 kJ / 408 kcal 2296 kJ / 547 kcal
Fat 15 g 14 g 19 g
Including saturated fatty acids 7.7 g 7.2 g 10 g
Carbohydrates 54 g 50 g 68 g
Including sugars 6.4 g 6 g 8.1 g
Fiber 8.8 g 8.3 g 11 g
Protein 17 g 16 g 22 g
Salt 1.4 g 1.3 g 1.8 g
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