Bullet Brothers

JTAC - 250G

45,00 zł
45,00 zł

JTAC - Joint Terminal Arabica

Air Support Request - Bird-6, Bullet Brothers on the 45th

Air support cleared, Bullet Brothers, moving to 45" "ONE, SIX, We're moving out of the area, X-MIT 45

The radio went silent and the outlines of an A-10 Warthog appeared on the horizon. The squadron glided over the outskirts, and the aroma of coffee in the thermal mug tasted even more delicious than usual. This is a medium roast Arabica blend from Ethiopia. It is a perfectly balanced combination of aroma, taste and acidity of coffee, roasted at a temperature of 210-220 degrees. It offers optimal levels of caffeine and still retains its delicate flavor. It comes from the Sidamo region, at an altitude of approximately 1,800 m above sea level, and has been wet processed.

JTAC according to SCA assessment - 86 points.

100% Arabica Ethiopia

Let yourself be carried away by the aroma of coffee that perfectly balances the senses. It's not just coffee, it's also an experience that will raise your coffee standard to a new level.

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