Bullet Brothers

EOD - 250G

45,00 zł
45,00 zł

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Faster heartbeat. Blood pulsating in the temples. Senses heightened to the limits of human capabilities. Your carefully practiced mechanisms allow for flawless execution of actions. You know it has nothing to do with luck. It's your experience, hundreds of hours of training and cool blood.

You are EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

We created our coffee especially for EOD specialists.

For this purpose, we selected only the highest quality beans straight from Colombian Antioquia, located in the Colombian Andes.

Thanks to this, you can feel delicate fruit notes and a caramel-chocolate finish in the coffee.

Just prepare it well - perhaps with the accuracy of a real EOD?

100% Arabica Colombia

The Antioquia region provides excellent growing conditions - an altitude of approximately 1,500 m above sea level and average temperatures between 17 and 24 ° C. Discover a coffee explosion of energy in every sip.

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