Bullet Brothers

DOC - 250G

45,00 zł
45,00 zł

DOC - Bring The Boys Back Home

Enjoy a moment of peace and discover the most delicate coffee in our offer - Medyka DOC. This is an extraordinary Arabica from Brazil, roasted to a medium-light degree, providing extraordinary taste sensations in every sip.

Medyk DOC is not just coffee, it is a real coffee experience. Its unique blend of caramel, chocolate and nut notes unfolds gently, creating a subtle flavor bouquet that is a real feast for the senses.

Easily brew Medyka DOC and you will experience the full flavor of this most delicate coffee in our offer. Regardless of whether you enjoy it alone or during moments with your loved ones, Medyk DOC will provide a unique coffee ritual.

100% Arabica Brazil

Discover delicacy in every sip - Medyk DOC is coffee for the most subtle gourmets!

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