Bullet Brothers

.50BMG - 250G

51,75 zł
51,75 zł
.50BMG - The Power of Burning Recoil in Your Cup

Have you ever wondered how bad the recoil is on a .50BMG shot? How intense is the smell of gunpowder burning in the shell of this powerful ammunition? What does the sound of bullets flying through the air sound like? We can tell you all this, but now we have something better - we can make you feel it for yourself!

We present .50BMG, not as ammunition, but as coffee straight from our roastery. This is an extraordinary blend in which you will feel the power of Robusta combined with aromatic notes of coffee straight from Asia and South America. Each sip is like a shot from .50BMG - intense, full of energy and unforgettable.

But that's not the end! You will also find a higher caffeine content in this coffee, thanks to the perfect combination!

50% Arabica and 50% Robusta

It's time to feel the power of .50BMG coffee - now available in your cup.

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